In the context of the week “In town without my car”, Saturday September 22th 2012 from 11 am to 3 pm, the public took possession of Shamrock street and participated in Little Italy’s giant picnic.

    The invitation to this event came from the Soder, Corporation de gestion des marchés publics de Montréal, Société de développement commercial (SDC) Petite-Italie Marché Jean-Talon, with the precious financial support of the National Bank and in partnership with the AMT,STM and the borough of Rosemont-La-Petite-Patrie.

    This year, its organizers expected to double the attendance from last year (3 000 participants) by promoting the use of public transportation but unfortunately the weather did not collaborate as rain and wind made the participation of the public more challenging.

    This picnic has been seen as a joyful moment and a consideration on the use of public space. It allowed the citizens to live a bucolic day in the heart of Montreal Island. The program was very tempting: a giant picnic on a 4 000 square feet grass field, public tasting of Italian specialties and local products, familial activities and animation for kids (soccer fields, musical scenes, makeup sessions, etc). Information kiosks and photography expositions were also part of the event. Participants had the pleasure of discovering the historical band of Little Italy through a photo exhibition organized by the Order Sons of Italy. Glassmaker master Victor de Vourgie was also present with his work. Along with those two expositions, the Art Public Movement exposed giant stickers on the street pavement. Music was also an important aspect of the day since numerous musicians performed during the event. Food lovers and cooking passionate were delighted with tastings of local products offered by local shops.

    Not only those tastings were available on Shamrock street, but local merchants on both south and north perimeter areas of Jean-Talon Market also offered products to taste in their shops.